CIM Group Responsible Contractor Program Policy

Summary of the Responsible Contractor Program Policy

By executing the Agreement this Responsible Contractor Program Policy is attached to, Contractor hereby certifies that it will comply with the Responsible Contractor Program (the “RCP”) promulgated by the California Public Employees’’ Retirement System (“CalPERS”) and that it is a Responsible Contractor as defined in the RCP, and agrees to provide the Owner and CalPERS with documentation using the forms approved by CalPERS to certify responsible contractor status and to establish compliance with the RCP. Compliance will be reviewed by CalPERS annually.

Fair Wage & Fair Benefits – Contractor hereby certifies that all subcontractors and employees retained to perform Work or Services under this Agreement will receive a “fair wage” and “fair benefits” pursuant to the RCP. Fair benefits are evidenced by some of the following: employer-paid family health care coverage, pension benefits, apprenticeship programs and benefits paid for comparable work on comparable projects. Fair wage does not require the payment of “prevailing wages,” as defined by government surveys and laws. Instead, fair wage is evidenced by some of the following: local practices with regard to type of trade and type of project, local wage practices and labor market conditions.

Competitive Bidding/Disadvantaged Businesses – Contractor hereby certifies that all subcontractors retained to perform construction, maintenance or services contracted under this Agreement shall be selected through a competitive bidding and selection process designed to seek bids from a broad spectrum of qualified Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (“SDV/BE”), Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprises (“MBE/WBE”) and Small Business Enterprises (“SBE”). The competitive bidding process shall include notification and invitations to bid that target responsible contractors, MBE/WBE, SDV/BE and SBE contractors with experience, honesty, integrity, and dependability. A complete copy of the RCP shall be attached to all requests for proposal and invitations to bid. In addition, each bidder shall be asked to complete the Certification of Responsible Contractor Status promulgated by CalPERS (see Appendix 1 to the RCP).

Definitions – A SBE is defined as a business with 100 or fewer employees and less than $10 million annual average gross receipts over the previous three tax years. A MBE/WBE must be at least 51% owned by a minority or minorities, or a woman or women, who exercise the power to make policy decisions and who are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business. A SDV/BE must be at least 51% owned by a disabled veteran and a disabled veteran must be involved in the day-to-day management of the business. Contractor shall meet or exceed a goal of 3% SDV/BE participation or make a good-faith effort to achieve such participation.

Local, State and National Laws and Requirements - Contractor and its subcontractors shall observe all local, state, and national laws (including by way of illustration those pertaining to insurance, withholding taxes, minimum wage, health and occupational safety), and the RCP. Notwithstanding any provisions herein, Contractor shall perform its duties under the Agreement for the benefit of the Owner and CalPERS.

Complete Copy – A complete copy of the RCP is available upon request from the Owner and at Related information regarding SBE compliance is available at Related information regarding MBE/WBE compliance is available at Related information regarding SDV/BE compliance is available at and at This summary of the RCP shall not, in any way, constitute a substitution for the RCP. The Contractor shall comply with all of the terms contained in the complete copy of the RCP and as it may be updated from time to time by CalPERS.